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At all our centers we offer specialized courses for children, with the use of...
If you fancy sailing towards the waves of the Red Sea then this is the sport that you will love.
Itís fun, safe for beginners and affordable! You will enjoy full speed in wind and waves getting high performance. The Catamaran sailing - feeling' is difficult to describe - it has to be experienced! Try it and see first-hand what makes it incomparable: its logical high-tech concept, its superior speed and its fascinating qualities on the wind. We are absolutely sure that your opinion will be: it is outstanding!

If you are a beginner or you want to improve your performances while sailing a catamaran, a team of experienced instructors will offer you different courses with international certifications

At Giftun Soul Surfer we've 14ft Top Cat and 16ft Hobie Cat catamarans and at FBC Arabia Azur we've 16ft Hobie Cat catamaran.
          International catamaran sailing certification 45Ä
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