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Kids progra
At all our centers we offer specialized courses for children, with the use of...
SAFE, AFFORDABLE, FAMILY FUN OR ADRENALINE PUMPING EXHILARATION. THE CHOICE IS YOURS! A ZEGO Sports Boat has asymmetric hulls like the large ocean racing catamarans, which gives it a combination of a high top speed, excellent sea keeping abilities, spin on a dime turning ability, incredible stability, and to top it off a ride so soft that you would think that you were on a much larger craft!
The stability, comfortable ride, and easy to drive features of the Zego Sports Boat will ensure that even people who are not used to boats will be able to relax and enjoy the surroundings. And for those looking for adrenaline pumping fun, the Zego Sports Boats are the best to enjoy fun and exiting! With its incredible stability, amazing turning ability, and great balance Zego is right at home in the surf. It will power through waves from either direction, get totally airborne jumping crests, and run along breaking crests like a surfboard.
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